Senate Standing Committees

“All business of the senate shall be conducted through the committee system. There shall be for the senate six standing committees. These shall be the Internal Affairs committee, Rules and Administration Committee, Finance & Appropriations Committee, Academic Affairs Committee, Student and Auxiliary Services Committee and the Select Committee” (Senate By-Laws Article 4.Section2.a-b).

These are special Committees in that they only function within the Legislative Branch and only senators may join these committees, with exception of the Senate President who is the Chair of the Select Committee.

Every senator MUST be on at least one committee. 

Select Committee:

The Select Committee is the standing committee that runs the affairs and tasks of the SGA Senate and makes recommendations to the Senate. Also, any concerns about the senate may be made to the committee. This committee includes eight (8) members whom are considered the Officers of the Senate. “The officers of the Senate shall be defined as the following: the Senate President, Senate Pro-Tempore and the heads of the standing committees” (Senate By-Laws Article 2.Section 2.a).

This committee investigates and holds hearings on any Justice who is brought before it for impeachment. This committee also investigates, approves, and recommends all emergency legislation.

Rules and Administration Committee:

The Rules and Administration Committee makes all the rules which the senate and his/her committee abide by. This committee reviews, writes and/or rewrites the Senate by-laws, judicial by-laws, and the election codes and recommends such to the senate for approval by a simple majority. This committee also may investigate any resolutions, bills or petitions. Chairman of this committee shall be the chief advocate of Senate rules, procedures and by-laws and can cause such to be effected by the Judicial Branch.

Finance and Appropriations Committee:

The Finance and Appropriations Committee serves as the ad hoc committee, or clearing house, of all requests for financial assistance emanating from other branches and organizations. This committee forwards a finished recommendation to the full senate. This committee may recommend that organizations, who do not use the money properly, may not receive future funding from the Student Government Association for up to two (2) years.

Internal Affairs Committee:

Every internal business within the senate is brought before this committee. Any allegations against a senator including breaking senate ethics, absentee policy, or scholastic policy as well as incompetence are brought before this committee for investigation. This committee also acts as the interviewing board for all vacant senate positions.

Academic Affairs Committee:

A representative from each college or school sits on this committee. This committee deals with academic issues requiring the attention of the senate. They also may conduct hearings and recommend censor or resolutions to the full senate to deal with pertinent issues. They may bring to the floor of the senate for consideration such proposals that would advance the cause of excellence of the general student body.

Student and Auxiliary Services Committee:

The Student and Auxiliary Service Committee deals with all matters concerning housing, safety and any such matter that might be connected to student services on or off campus. Members of this committee are representatives of this interest in the senate. This committee may conduct hearings on pertinent issues, prepare resolutions for the attention of the rules and administration committee and make useful recommendations for onward passage to the full senate.