Bureaucratic/Presidential Committees

The Bureaucracy according to E-Board Codes Article 5.a “shall be the established mechanism of governance under the direct supervision of the Executive Branch and the oversight of the Legislative Branch.”

“These are the committees that play an important role in executing the functions of the Student Government Association as a whole” (Harris D. Brown, SGA Chief Justice 09-11). Any student may join any committee at their leisure, with exception to the students mentioned in the Trent Johnson vs. the Student Court Ruling.

The Chief of Staff oversees these committees with the aid of the Deputy Chief of Staff. Some open committees may not be listed below. The President may close or create any Bureaucratic/Presidential Committee at his or her discretion.

A committee’s duties may differ from term to term.

Advertisement/Promotional Affairs Committee:

This committee advertises and promotes all functions and events created or proposed by the E-Board, Senate, or Judicial Branch. This committee insures that these functions and events are properly advertised by flyers, social sites, banners, word of mouth, etc.

Homecoming Committee:

This committee helps in bringing forth ideas, proposals, concerns, etc. about Homecoming to the University Homecoming Committee.

Panther Empowerment Committee:

The Panther Empowerment Committee motivates students to become proud and spirited panthers at this prestigious university of Prairie View A & M University. This may include hosting such events as pep rallies, spirit rallies, etc…

Political Action Committee:

This committee helps in bringing awareness and motivating citizens to become passionate about politics and policies that may affect the university whether it’s federal, state, or local to the members of SGA, the faculty, staff, and students of Prairie View A & M University. Such activities may include lobbying in Austin or Washington DC.

Recruitment & Retention Committee:

This committee works at recruiting members to the Student Government Association and making sure the members are properly content and producing ideas that will maintain membership over the years. This committee may also be expanded to the recruitment and retention of Prairie View A & M University students and prospective students.

Rock The Vote Committee:

The Rock the Vote Committee focuses on educating students, faculty, and staff to register to vote, and motivating students to vote in local, state, and federal elections.

Food and Customer Task Force (Secret Shoppers Committee):

The Secret Shoppers Committee name was changed to the Food and Customer Task Force Committee by SGA President Bobby J. Smith II 10-11 in the year of 2010. The members of this committee secretly evaluate the services here at Prairie View A & M University. If the services are inadequate, they properly send the report to the Chief of Staff or Deputy Chief of Staff who properly brings this to the attention of the E-Board and Senate.

PV Goes Green Committee:

This committee was created by the Kyle Maronie and Courtney Neville the Director and Co-Director of Environmental Sustainability 09-10 in the year of 2008-2009 under Johnie Jones III SGA President 08-09. The program started under Robert Powell SGA President 09-10. This committee commits to the grueling task of properly recycling all paper here at Prairie View A & M University and distributing recycle bins to the various offices and departments. This program was stemmed from Students in Free Enterprises’ (SIFE) Environmental Sustainability Awareness Program.

Panther Aid Committee:

This committee, created by Megan Woods Director of Special Events 08-10, under the Johnie Jones III SGA President 08-09. This committee takes freshman and has them work under any current voting member under any branch in SGA. This will give the freshman hands on working experience with members of SGA and better equips them when applying for positions in SGA their sophomore year.

PV Choice Awards Committee:

This committee works on the yearly award show that is hosted by students here at Prairie View A & M University that gives various awards to the faculty, staff and students of this University. This committee has casting calls for performers, hosts, talents, etc. on and off campus. This committee was first started under the Office of Student Activities. Over time SGA has taken charge in appointing the chair and funding the event. According to the April 15, 2011 Court Interpretation, the Student Court has placed this committee under the governance of the SGA President and the E-Board.