About the Executive Branch

“Carry out all duties properly incumbent on the President of the Student Government Association and serve as the representative of the Student Body” (SGA Constitution Article IV: 5.1.). “Execute all acts of the Student Senate” (SGA Constitution Article IV: 5.2). “The E-Board shall exist as an integral part of the Student Government Association, towards the formulation of policies and implementation of such, towards the general well being of the student body” (SGA E-Board Code Article I Section 1: C).

The Executive Board, most commonly known as the E-Board, executes or enforces the laws of SGA.

Executive President: represents the entire Student Government Association. He/she also serves on the Student Service Fees Allocation Board and exercises full control over the E-Board and the Bureaucracy. He/she has the power to appoint students to respective E-Board positions and University Committees and Justices to the Student Court.

Executive Vice President: Assists the President, serves as the President of the Student Senate, and serves as a liaison for the Student Senate and the SGA President.

Comptroller: Assists the President to develop an annual budget and acts as a Financial Advisor to the Student Senate off the floor.

8 Vice Presidents: Are voting members of the E-Board and administers the permanent divisions of the SGA. They also accept reports on activities of the committees under them and forward them to the Chief of Staff.

Non Voting E-Board Positions: These nonvoting office positions perform and handle different functions of the E-Board. Such positions include: Deputy Chief of Staff, Directors, Executive Secretary, Assistant Executive Secretary, Press Secretary, Historian, Special Assistants, Special Counsels, and etc.