What is Service Learning

What is Service-Learning?

Service-learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with
instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility and strengthen

As higher education today is challenged to assume leadership in addressing society’s increasing problems
and in meeting growing human needs, service-learning has become a tool to facilitate those outcomes.
Because service-learning is described as enhancing students’ concepts of citizenship and civic and social
responsibility, it can be credited with leading to civic engagement. More than producing productive
students, PVAMU aims to produce students who are committed to improving the world in which they will
work and live.

For PVAMU, service-learning is a form of experiential education where students engage in activities
with community partners that address human and community needs through structured opportunities
intentionally designed to promote student learning and development. Reflection and reciprocity are key
concepts of service-learning.


SERVICE is picking up trash in the Prairie View bayou. LEARNING is studying plants that grow along the Prairie View bayou.

When students in the community development program clean the bayou, research its significance to the community, draft plans for how it could contribute to the economic, social and recreational life of the community and present those plans to the local economic development agency…that is SERVICE-LEARNING.