Mission, Goals & Objectives

Mission Statement

The Governmental Relations Office, at Prairie View A&M University, is a part of the Office of Student Affairs and Institutional Relations. It is tasked with staying abreast of laws and legislative issues on a local, state, and federal basis that impact the students, faculty, staff and other constituencies of the university.

Alignment with the University’s Mission: Consistent with the Mission of Prairie View A&M University, the Governmental Relations Office  both advises and follows the orders and directives of the University’s President, who is the official representative of the students, faulty and staff to state and federal public policy makers and the University’s communities of interest; particularly as it relates to Prairie View A&M University’s biennial Legislative Appropriations Request (LAR), which supports its academic program offerings, research initiatives, and service engagements.

The favorable consideration and approval of this LAR enables the University to recruit, retain, matriculate and graduate students in an aesthetically pleasing student centered learning environment that facilitates and invigorates the higher education processes. An environment managed by a professional staff of character, sufficiently creative to continue the learning processes outside of the classroom. An environment with teachers of character, recognized as quality subject matter experts, housed in facilities equipped with the appropriate technology conducive to excellence in learning. An environment lead by an Administrative Team astute in public higher education governance and the def use of public policy and finance in shaping a dynamic, synergistic and progressive university culture that produces society and workplace ready graduates.

Goals & Objectives

  • The Office of Governmental Relations is committed to promoting student learning and achievement and to improving the quality of a Prairie View education by representing the interests of the university in all federal, state and local governmental and community activities.
  • Maintain an active link with various constituencies and remain knowledgeable of customer and community needs and implement relevant service projects.
  • Implement a Continuing Education Program to coordinate quality, innovative programs that address the lifelong education needs of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members.
  • Culture and Arts – To identify opportunities to preserve the history and culture of Prairie View A&M University and inform the students, faculty and staff, local, statewide and national community of its service to state, the nation and the world since 1876.
  • P-16 Programs – The office will seek to identify strategies for fully engaging students and all members of the university community in programs that enhance the knowledge of individual from the primary level through graduate education.