Organization Policy

Organizations Policy: University Organization

Prairie View A&M University is a part of and governed by the Texas A&M University System and its Board of Regents. Each institution within TAMUS has its own administrative structure unique to its campus. Each institution’s President is responsible through the Chancellor of the Texas A&M University System to the Board of Regents.

Guidelines for operation and administration of each campus are drawn from the Board of Regents Rules. The Regents Rules are based on state and federal laws governing state institutions.

The Division of Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs is the administrative unit responsible to the President for developing, supervising, coordinating and administering co-curricular and extracurricular policies and activities affecting students. The Division includes Student Activities, Career Planning and Outreach, Judicial Services, Testing & Diagnostic Services.

The Division is headed by the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, who is responsible for all programs and services offered to the university community pertaining to student life outside the classroom.

Questions on specific areas of the Division may be addressed to the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs or the member of staff directly responsible for that area.