Org Policy Travel

Student Organization Policy: Student Travel Guidelines

General Student Travel Guidelines and Agreement

All Prairie View A&M University students traveling for the purpose of attending conferences, workshops, programs and events representing either their student organizations or the university must follow the procedures as prescribed below:

Are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that positively reflects upon themselves and Prairie View A&M University,
Are governed by the Student Code of Conduct as outlined in the university student handbook while attending all conferences, workshops, programs, and events,
Are expected to participate fully in the conference or workshop by attending all programs and events as outlined by the conference. If participating as a group, the group will seek to attend as many different sessions as possible in order to obtain the greatest amount of information and/or resources,
Are expected to dress appropriately for the conference event based on the guidelines provided by the conference organizers. Any questions regarding dress should be directed to the advisor(s) or the conference organizers prior to leaving.
Alcohol use is prohibited during the duration of the travel to and from the conference or workshop programs and activities. Exception may only be made by the university president or designee, and,
Must complete, sign and return the Recognition and Assumption of Risk Agreement to the event traveler advisor prior to the event travel departure time (obtainable from the Division of Student and Enrollment Services).
* Any violation of the code of conduct and the above listed requirements may result in appropriate * disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, loss of privileges to attend future conferences or events, restitution of funds provided for you to participate in the event, and/or possible suspension from Prairie View A&M University.