Org Policy ORB Hearing 2

Student Organization Policy: ORB Sanction Guidelines

The Director of Student Activities & Leadership, acting upon the recommendation of the ORB may impose one or more of the following sanctions for violation of a University policy or rule:

a) documented written reprimand which will remain in the organization’s file and be taken into consideration during the annual review or request for recognition.
b) deactivation of Internet web-site and e-mail account.
c) place the organization on probation for one to five calendar years
d) suspend temporarily for the period of one to five calendar years.
e) permanently revoke organization’s recognition with the Vice President of Student and Enrollment Services approval.
f) other penalties as deemed appropriate including but not limited to community service hours and restitution for any damage to University policy.

Right to Appeal Sanction

An organization aggrieved by a decision of the Organization Review Board and the Director of Student Activities & Leadership has the right to appeal to the Vice President for Student and Enrollment Services or his/her designate. This appeal must be made in writing within seven calendar days of being notified of the decision of the Board. Appeals must be based on one or more of the following:

a) severity of sanction(s)
b) ability to introduce new evidence
c) improper hearing procedures

Notice of appeal suspends imposition of the sanction until the appeal is heard, but interim action may be taken.

The Vice President for Student and Enrollment Services or his/her designate may improve, reject, or modify the decision in question or may require the original decision be reopened for the representation of additional evidence and reconsideration of the decision. The decision of the Vice President for Student and Enrollment Services or his/her designate shall be the final appellate review.

Hearing Process: Student Organization Rights

  • Right to be informed in writing of all charges at least seven (7) calendar days before any hearing may proceed.
  • Right to remain silent.
  • Right to personally question witnesses against the accused. It should be noted that only relevant witness can be request to appear before the Board. However, they may be required to appear before the University Disciplinary Officer. In certain circumstances where confidentiality is paramount, an incident report will be substituted. Defendants may question facts in the report.