Miss Prairie View A&M University 2015 – 2016



Ivy Walls 2015-2016I once said, “The beauty of the world belongs to those who master the art of we” I am Ivy Lorraine Walls and I am forever grateful to serve as your 83 rd Miss Prairie View A&M University 20152016. As Miss PVAMU, I strive to encourage each student to use self expression, and show his or her love for our university. My platform, “ L.E.G.A.C.Y. Leaving, Everlasting, Gifts, of Art, and Culture for the years” strives to cultivate self efficacy both in academics and in self expression. Being in a world where almost anything can be challenged, EXCEPT one’s self expression, I plan to work with the panther family to elevate new ideas and create new traditions on campus, while reclaiming some of Prairie Views deep history. After attending the HBCU Kings and Queens conference and winning the title, Most Friendliest Queen , I am truly passionate about rebranding the PV man and the PV woman. I want to help create and build a community filled with acceptance, culture, integrity, individuality, creativity, and respect. By branding each student with the idea of being a PV Man (Kings) and PV woman (Queens), partnerships will not only build on campus, but also grow globally. Throughout the year, I will host a variety of programs for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and future panthers to participate, and to plant a seed into the garden of Prairie View. Many events will promote free expression and focus on showing your expressed gratitude to PVAMU. My goal is to reach as many people on campus and learn as much as I can about Prairie View and the students who attend. Therefore, when I speak I am not only speaking about my own stories, but also sharing stories of the past and those who are currently setting the campus tone right now. Those who join me on this journey will not only elevate to love and appreciate Prairie View even more, but will also grow in understanding who they are as a person.



Ivy Lorraine Walls
Miss Prairie View A&M University 2015-2016

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