Student Engagement Forms

These are the commonly used forms for events, organizations, and programs that are issued by the department. They have been placed online for your convenience. To use these forms you must have “Adobe Reader” installed on your computer. See “Advertising Policy” for adverting posting guidelines.

Scrolling Marquee
Campus Activities Board (CAB)
  • Instructions (88k)
  • Contestant Application (48k)
  • Contestant Qualifications (20k)
  • Contestant Release & I Agreement (20k)
  • Release and Indemnity Agreement (28k)
  • Talent Reservation & Introduction (48k)
  • Talent and Photo Release (20k)
  • Biographical Sketch (20k)
  • Personal Self Portrait (56k)
  • Constituent Signatures (32k)
  • Order Blank (16k)
P.A.L.S. Student Leadership Institute
Cheer/Yell Squad
  • Cheer/Yell/Mascot Application
  • Cheer/Yell/Mascot Experience
  • University Panther Dolls Application
  • Coronation-Registration & Info
  • Step Show Registration/Info/Rules
  • Parade Regulations
  • Parade Registration & Information
Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges
  • Who’s Who Application (176k)
  • Who’s Who Flyer Only
Event Request Form (incl. Sales/Solicitation)
Student Organizations
Recognized Student Organizations

Recognized Student Organization Awards
 End of Year Report
Membership Intake Process (MIP)
New Student Organization Packet
Student Government Association


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