Legislative Branch

“The student senate shall have the powers to summon, investigate, or question such acts of person or persons that expends monies appropriated be her” (SGA Senate By-Law Section III: c).

“Shall have the power to censure members of the student government- the legislative, executive or judicial branches” (SGA Senate By-Law Section III: d).

“Shall by virtue of these foregoing provisions make such laws for the lawful governance of the student body in general” (SGA Senate By-Law Section III: f).

The Student Senate makes the laws of SGA. They also approve and appropriate all monies from the SGA budget. 

Senate President:
Presides over senate sittings. He/she also appoints various students to Senate positions and the chairs of the Senate Standing Committees. Votes in cases of a tie of the Senate.

Senate Pro-Tempore:
A Senator who is the Administrative head of the Senate. Presides over Senate sittings in the absence of the Senate President. Has the legal binding right to declare a Senate position vacant and decides which Standing Committee legislation passes through. Recommends Senators to the Internal Affairs Committee for an immediate investigation.

50 Student Senators:
Identify students’ concerns and formulate student policy. They also handle and distribute all monies within SGA. The student senate is composed of 2/3 elected positions and 1/3 positions appointed by the Executive Vice President.

6 Senate Standing Committees:
All senate business is conducted through the committee system. This includes, Internal Affairs, Rules and Administration, Finance & Appropriations, Academic Affairs, Student and Auxiliary Services, and the Select Committee.

Senate Ex-Officio Positions:
These nonvoting office positions perform and handle different functions of the Student Senate. Such positions include: Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, Faculty Senate Liaison, Sergeant at Arms, Parliamentarian, Chaplain, Historian, and etc.