Student Engagement Mission

Student Engagement: Mission & Philosophy


The mission of the Office of Student Engagement is to design and implement comprehensive programs that enhance the overall educational experiences of students through the development of, exposure to and participation in social, cultural, multicultural, intellectual, recreational, community service, leadership abilities and campus governance involvement.

The office delivers comprehensive programs and services designed to meet the co-curricular needs of our diverse student population. We strive for excellence in the delivery of high quality programming, leadership activities, and effective facility and resource management.


Consistent with the University’s mission of research, education and service, our goal is to expose students to diverse events, that address the different facets of life within the campus community including involvement with individual students, the Student Government Association, student organizations, the Campus Activities Board, faculty, staff, administration, alumni and friends.

The departmental staff of the Office of Student Engagement enhances the development of student life skills by promoting involvement, community awareness, service, cooperative programming and leadership opportunities. We value our role as educators in the campus community, and advocate and embrace the appreciation of diversity, values and exploration. In addition, the staff is encouraged to participate in ongoing staff development and training.


“Two thirds of a college student’s waking hours is devoted to activities other than attending classes or studying… alumni frequently report that out-of-class experience increased their competence and assurance”.

Involving Colleges: Fostering Student Learning and Development Outside the Classroom
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