Org Policy Speakers/Mail/Fundraising

Student Organization Policy: Speakers/Mail/Fundraising

Off-campus Guest Speakers/Lecturers

One of the most common types of events sponsored by student organizations involves the off-campus speaker. This individual is either used to address group membership or the campus-at-large.

When a guest speaker/lecturer is invited, a completed SPECIAL EVENT OCCUPANCY REQUEST FORM must be filed in the Office of Student Activities & Leadership at least ten (10) days prior to the speaker’s appearance. Be sure to include as much information about the speaker’s qualifications as possible.


  1. The privilege to invite speakers and performers carries with it important responsibilities to ensure that the proper objectives of the university are not compromised.
  2. Only registered recognized student organizations may sponsor a specific candidate for public office. The speaker may not be co-sponsored with an off-campus interest and the audience must be limited to members of the organization and/or their personally-invited guests.
  3. The speaker represents his/her own views and not those of the University.

Organizational Mailboxes:

The Office of Student Activities & Leadership provides mailboxes to groups for general campus mail and other information. Organizations are requested to check the mailboxes at least once a week. This provides groups with a central, permanent location to receive mail and is our means of direct communication with the group.

Fundraising and Solicitation:

Registered student organizations often need to raise funds on campus. Student organizations must gain the approval from the University’s solicitation officer before attempting to sell any items on the campus. It is important that organizations realize the importance of being recognized as non-profit entities and the need to direct their solicitations toward charitable causes – either inside the organization, the University or the community-at-large. The fundraising activity process is outlined below:

  1. Plan the activity

    a) date
    b) time
    c) place
    d) purpose

  2. Come to the Office of Student Activities & Leadership and fill out a Solicitation Permit Form. It should be indicated on the form that there is a charge. Please note that this must be done at least five (5) class days prior to the event in order to ensure that the event is properly scheduled.
  3. Approval from the University Solicitation Officer.
  4. Return the completed form to the Office of Student Activities & Leadership.