Org Policy Recognition Procedure

Student Organization Policy: Recognition Procedure


Recognized student organizations will be classified according to the following group specifications:

Academic: All student organizations with purposes established or aligned with academic need or requirements including, but not limited to, academic departments

Honor: Any student organization classified as an honor society.

Cultural Heritage:
Any student organization formed for the pursuit of knowledge, affiliation or pride of cultural groups.

Spirit and Tradition: Any student organization providing support and service to student spirit and university traditions.

Any student organization formed for affiliation and support of those students from particular geographic areas.

Council of Student Organizations: Any student organization that participates in a prescribed membership intake program.

Local National Pan-Hellenic Council:
Any student organization nationally affiliated with the National Pan-Hellenic Council.

Special Interest: Any student organization whose purposes do not coincide with the other established categories.

The Recognition Procedure The process of becoming a recognized student organization requires the completion of the following steps:

  1. Become familiar with the Prairie View A&M University Regulations concerning recognized student organizations
  2. Completing the required forms
  3. Submitting the forms to the Office of Student Activities & Leadership for approval


Step 1:

Become familiar with the Prairie View A&M University regulations concerning recognized student organizations.
Recognized Student Organizations must:

  1. Have an approved full-time faculty or staff advisor who will ensure that the parts of these University Regulations that apply to recognized student organizations are fulfilled.
  2. File a constitution and statement of purpose (in English) with the Office of Student Activities & Leadership. The constitution for recognized student organization should be updated regularly to reflect any changes in policies and procedures.
  3. Have an account with a commercial bank.
  4. File an annual official recognition request with the Office of Student Activities & Leadership each academic school year and provide signatures of official university advisor and student officers authorized to conduct official university business on behalf of the organization.
  5. Conduct the activities of the organization in a manner that reflects the highest ideals of the University.
  6. May not duplicate the purposes, goals and activities of another organization.
  7. Be responsible for compliance with the University policies, procedures, regulations and state and federal laws.
  8. Understand that the actions and activities of recognized student organizations are subject to review. Failure to abide by these University regulations may result in an organizational disciplinary hearing with the Organization Review Board.
  9. Participate and cooperate with the organizational annual review with the Organization Review Board to ensure each organization is abiding by university regulations and performing to the purposes and goals for which the organization requested university recognition. Any organization not functioning in the above-mentioned capacity will face disciplinary action. Organizations that do not comply with the review are subject to immediate temporary or permanent suspension from the University by University officials.

Step 2:

All recognized student organizations must have the following information on file in the Office of Student Activities & Leadership in order to be recognized the ensuing academic school year. Organizations are required to submit updates when any organizational information changes.

  1. Constitution
  2. Student Organization Registration Form
  3. Officer Report Form
  4. Certification of Compliance
  5. Proposed Calendar of Events
  6. Membership Roster Form
  7. Organizational Release Form
  8. Signature Card Form
  9. Advisor Responsibility Agreement
  10. Tax I.D. number and a Sales Tax Permit

Step 3:

All student organizations must submit the completed required forms to the Office of Student Activities & Leadership on or before the announced due date. In order to be recognized in the following academic year, all organizations must complete and submit an End of the Year Report packet to the Office of Student Activities & Leadership on or before April 30th. Along with the report the organization must complete the preliminary registration packet for the following year. The organizations failing to submit the End of the Year Report and Registration packets may not be recognized for the Fall Semester.