Org Policy Privileges recognition

Student Organization Policy: Privileges of Recognition

  1. There are several advantages and privileges associated with official university recognition.
  2. The designation as an official student organization at Prairie View A&M University.
  3. The use of the Prairie View A&M University name to identify institutional affiliations.
  4. The opportunity to recruit members on campus.
  5. The use of university facilities to hold meetings and functions on campus.
  6. The organization will have access to an e-mail account and an Internet web site link that will be associated with the Prairie View A&M University home page.
  7. The use of an organization mailbox under the auspices of Student Activities.
  8. The opportunity to publicize approved activities on campus bulletin boards and advertising spaces.
  9. The organization will have access to University services.
  10. The organization will have access to Office of Student Activities & Leadership, including publications, resource library, and consulting on such topics as forming organizations, event planning, and group development.
  11. The organization will have access to training in leadership, parliamentary procedure, publicity, service project planning, among others both individually and for groups.
  12. The privileges listed above are not extended without careful consideration. Once recognized, an organization carries the name of Prairie View A&M University, and its program and activities planned and presented by the officers and membership of the organization should reflect the policies of the institution.