Org Policy Police

Student Organization Policy: University Police Presence

The purpose of University Police at an event is to keep the peace, to protect University property, and to assist the program sponsors in ensuring the well-being of those in attendance. An event may require police presence if it meets one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Is held in any University facility on University property
  2. Will attract a capacity crowd
  3. Is open to the public
  4. Includes a demonstration scheduled on the Quad or University grounds
  5. Is predicted to arouse controversy or potential difficulty with participants or non-participants
  6. Is predicted to involve crowding, drunkenness, or other factors which could result in physical harm to participants
  7. Has resulted in problems on other campus

Factors which will influence the number of police at an event includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Number of University staff who will also be present
  2. Contingency plans for action in the event of a problem situation
  3. Predictions as to crowd size and behavior
  4. Overall planning to insure an orderly, safe event

Upon registration of the event with the Office of Student Activities & Leadership and PVAMU’s Department of Public Safety, a determination will be made regarding the need for University Police presence by the Chief of Police.

Final decisions on the need for and/or number of police necessary is made by the Chief of Police or his/her designated delegate. Organizations are expected and required to pay the entire cost of security coverage during the sponsored events.