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Student Organization Policy: Organization Policies

The University is a forum for ideas and their exchange. Such exchange can only occur on a scholarly plane if order is maintained and standards of decorum and good behavior are recognized by all. The University recognizes that some activities will have audiences of a single class, seminar or organization, and that others will be addressing themselves to a wider spectrum of the University community. It is the responsibility of the University to provide the climate and conditions for teaching, research, extension, and other services.

In the vein, the following are other organizational policies and tips that recognized student organizations need to be aware of to remain in good standing with the University and thrive:

Due to the number, variety, and scope of activities sponsored by the institution’s faculty, staff, and students, Prairie View A&M University cannot be held responsible for accidents and/or injuries incurred through activities on or off campus sponsored by recognized student organizations.
The University reserves the right to cancel any event it deems likely to cause an interruption in the Universities orderly activities.
The president or his duly authorized representative may order an event to be terminated on grounds that it constitutes disruptive activity as defined by the Texas Education Code. Any member of the faculty or staff or any student who resists such an order shall be subject to disciplinary action.
Because the University is judged by the action of its students, no individual, group or other organization may use the institutions name without the express authorization of the institution except to identify the institutional affiliation. Institution approval or disapproval of any rule may not be stated or implied by any individual, group, or organization.
All student organizations will have their functions, whether on or off campus, approved by their official University advisors.
State law, as it regards candidates for public office and campaigning on public property and all other applicable statutes, must be observed. The university prohibits the use of any of its symbols, insignias or other identifying marks in any political endorsements, campaigns or elections.