Org Policy ORB

Student Organization Policy: Organization Review Board (ORB)

The Organization Review Board (ORB) views student organization discipline as an educational process. When an organization disregards a regulation or policy of the State and/or the University, the focus of the process turns to education. The purpose of education through discipline is to uncover the reason for the violation, demonstrate why the behavior is inconsistent with the expectations of the University, and aid the student organization in coming to the realization that certain rules and regulations are necessary for the existence of the University community.

It is the further purpose of education through discipline to help the student organization understand that, as a member of the Prairie View A&M University community, it must abide by the regulations or find the necessary channels through which to change.

ORB Composition

The Organization Review Board is a university committee appointed by the Director of Student Activities & Leadership or designee and the Vice President of Student and Enrollment Services to advise and make decisions on matters pertaining to student organizations. The Board is comprised of ORB Chair, Division of Student and Enrollment Services staff members and students appointed by the Vice President for Student and Enrollment Services through the Director of Student Activities & Leadership or designee.

Powers and Activities of ORB The Board is authorized:

  1. to discipline those organizations that decide to function outside the guidelines, rules and policies of the University and/or those member of organizations that do not adhere to rules set by Prairie View A&M University;
  2. to consider and recommend approval or disapproval of petitioning student organization groups;
  3. to serve as the governing body for all student organizations at Prairie View A&M University; and…
  4. to review annually student organizations in fulfilling the organizations purpose as defined in the organizational recognition packet and constitution.

The Board meets bi-weekly on matters involving student organizations. ORB hearings are scheduled throughout the fall and spring semester. Typically, organizational hearings will be scheduled after Fall, October 1st and Spring, February 1st. Hearings are not scheduled during official university holidays, breaks, and dead week. However, emergency sessions may be held with the director’s approval.