Org Policy New Org

Student Organization Policy: New Organization Formation

Formation of Campus Organization

Students with similar interests are encouraged to form campus organizations to share information, provide programs for the group as well as the university-at-large and to advance the interest of its members.

Rules and regulations for forming student organizations are established by PVAMU in accordance with the By-laws of the University. The process to form a recognized student organization is outline in this section.

  1. The student representative must contact the Office of Student Activities & Leadership to obtain the new student organization packet and other pertinent information.
  2. The newly formed organization must identify a minimum of one (1) full-time faculty/staff member to serve as an advisor.
  3. The organization can hold up to three (3) organizational meetings open campus-wide to recruit a minimum of ten (10) members.

    a) The student representative must complete a Special Event Occupancy Request Form and indicate on the form a new Student Organization to hold the meetings.
    b) During these three (3) meetings, a prescribed number of outside resource people may be present with the approval from the Director of Student Activities & Leadership. These off-campus individuals are not permitted to recruit, solicit or act in any manner other than as a resource person.

  4. During the meetings, the organization should:

    a) Write a constitution and/or policies and procedures (This varies from organization to organization depending on affiliation with national organizations.)
    b) elect organizational officers
    c) select and confirm a minimum of two advisors

  5. Complete and return the following to the Office of Student Activities & Leadership:

    a) Organization Registration Packet
    b) Local organization constitution and if applicable, a national constitution

Official Recognition

The organization registration packet and constitution(s) will be reviewed by the Office of Student Activities & Leadership and the Organization Review Board. All organizations, whether newly organized or reorganizing after a period of inactivity, are required to meet with the Organization Review Board for review. The Organization Review Board will recommend to the Director of Student Activities & Leadership the recommended status of the organization.