Org Policy Intro 03

Student Organization Policy: Introduction, Rules & Regulations


Membership in student organizations can be an especially enriching aspect of the collegiate experience. Working with others to achieve common goals and programs and developing one’s individual potential are important benefits of participating in out-of-class activities.

This handbook has been developed to encourage and expedite this aspect of student development. This handbook provides a hands-on reference for the procedures and services that are most commonly used by student organizations. It is made available to all student organization’s officers and their advisors. The manual should be passed to the new organizational leadership through the officers transition process.

If you have any questions after examining its content, please direct them to the Office of Student Activities & Leadership located in the Memorial Student Center, Suite 221. The Department of Student Activities & Leadership through its designee will be pleased to assist you in the interpretation of policies and/or other related organizational matters.

Student Organizations Regulations and Requirements

Student Organizations may be officially recognized when formed for the purposes that are consistent with the philosophy and goals that have been developed for the creation and existence of Prairie View A&M University. Approval for recognition is granted by the Director of Student Activities & Leadership. In order to be recognized and to retain official recognition, student organizations must meet certain requirements. Student groups failing to comply with the following conditions will not enjoy the privileges associated with the status of being officially recognized by the University and may face university disciplinary action.