Org Policy ID Markers

Student Organization Policy: Identification Markers

Campus Organization Identification Markers

Background: Over the past years, organizations have sought ways to be identified publicly (indoor and outdoor) on the campus. The indoor identification began several years ago with each organization or crest being mounted in the Alumni Hall. As for outdoor identification, organizations claimed trash cans and trees. These items were painted and emblazoned with the organization’s symbols. In 1983, the University implemented a policy that prohibited the painting of trees and the trash cans were upgraded to complement the aesthetics of the landscaping. Since then, we have been asked to afford the organizations the opportunity to be recognized.

Rationale: The organizations do have a place in the history of Prairie View A&M University and to allow the groups to have some identification marker would give the groups some form of ownership in the continuing development of school pride and spirit.

Criteria for Approval: Organizations requesting the establishment of a marker on the campus should meet the following criteria:

  1. The organization should be an officially recognized group and in good standing with the University, and with its national, regional, or local organization or council.
  2. The group should not have been disciplined (suspended/probation) by the University within the past two (2) years.
  3. The group must show evidence of adequate funding to support the construction and erection of the marker.
  4. The marker must comply with specifications established by the University Physical Plant Administration and Systems Standards for such identification or markers.
  5. The group must agree to maintain and upkeep the area selected or designated for the marker.

For additional information and application packet, contact the Office of Student Activities & Leadership, Memorial Student Center, suite 223.