Org Policy Choose Advisor

Student Organization Policy: Choosing an Advisor

In order for a student organization to register and remain active, the organization must have a minimum of two faculty/staff members serving in an advisory capacity. The advisor serves as a source of continuity, program ideas and experience. In addition, the advisor(s) should be kept abreast of the organization’s activities by attending all functions and meetings.

Aside from being the person who signs financial statements, various forms and room reservations, the advisor can mean the difference between a mediocre organization and an excellent organization. Organizations can often utilize their advisor in solving problems such as recruitment, internal strife and lack of funds. The advisor is of crucial importance to any organization.

When selecting an advisor, the student organization must consider the following:

  1. Advisors for student organizations will be selected from among the active members of the university faculty or staff.
  2. A faculty/staff member may not serve as the primary advisor for more than one student organization.
  3. The term of service for advisors should be clearly stated in the organizations constitution.
  4. Student organizations are required to select two faculty/staff advisors to maximize their availability.
  5. A graduate assistant may serve as a secondary advisor, with approval from the Director of Student Activities & Leadership or designee, only if he or she is considered a staff member.

An organizational advisor must:

  1. Be a full-time/staff member of the University
  2. Attend ALL organizational meetings, programs, social functions, service projects, etc.
  3. Sign for authorization to use university facilities
  4. Sign for authorization to sponsor activities and all financial transactions
  5. Provide advisement and consultative services to the officers and membership of the organization
  6. Understand and interpret the rules and regulations pertaining to student organizations at Prairie View A&M University