Org Policy Active Status

Student Organization Policy: Active Status

Student organizations may be placed on inactive status for various reasons. Inactive status may be either permanent or temporary. Permanent inactive status means the organization must submit a new student organization registration packet to the Office of Student Activities & Leadership which is reviewed by the Organization Review Board. Upon review of the registration packet, the Organization Review Board will issue a recommendation to the Director of Student Activities & Leadership. Temporary inactive status means the organization need only remedy the circumstance that was the cause for such classification. Generally, the cause for inactive status can be attributed to the lack of attention to University Regulations, the Student Handbook, or Policies & Procedures governing recognized student organizations. It is, therefore, imperative that organizations be familiar with these regulations and keep abreast of any changes. The following are general requirements that the president and advisor should be knowledgeable of to maintain active status:

  1. Organization Registration Packet: The University requires that these forms are submitted no later than the 30th day of September or officially posted deadline each academic year regardless of any changes. In addition, the organization is required within ten (10) days to resubmit the registration packet after an organizational election or other changes in organizational leadership.
    a) Summer terms are excluded.
    b) Failure to submit this packet for two (2) consecutive semester will automatically place the organization on permanent inactive status.
  2. Outstanding Debts: If an organization is past due on any debts to an office of the University, the organization will be placed on temporary inactive status pending payment of the indebtedness.
  3. University Regulations: Each student organization is expected and required to obey applicable University Regulations as set forth in the Recognized Student Organizations Policy and Procedures Manual.

    NOTE: When a conflict between university policy and procedures governing student organizations and the respective student organizations constitution and bylaws arises, university policy and procedures will supersede the respective organizations constitution and bylaws to alleviate and/or resolve any discrepancies and/or conflict.

It is the purpose of the University regulations to protect individual student organizations and the University from decisions which are "capricious or arbitrary". It is in this regard that the regulations should be interpreted. In addition, it is important to note that only approved organizational officers and/or the advisor are empowered to conduct official organizational business with the University.