Mr. Prairie View A&M University 2017 – 2018

Mr PV Johann Conway Jr

Mister Prairie View A&M University 2017-2018 Johann Conway Jr. is a junior Finance major and Dean’s List student headed into his second year at Prairie View A&M University. Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Conway has lived in Houston, Texas for some time where he graduated from the Carl Wunsche Senior High Academy/Spring High School.

At PVAMU, Johann is an active member in the executive branch of the Student Government Association (SGA). He is also a member of the Prairie View Finance Association, Panther Advisor Leaders (PALS), and Panther Ambassadors.  As of May 2017, Johann was titled an official Student Leader by the National Association of Student Affair Professions. Pursuing leadership roles and involving himself in organizations that evoke change have both been lifelong passions for Johann. These passions have been motivated by the messages and agendas promoted by his numerous strong Black male role models.

Johann is an appreciator of all forms of art, acting and poetry; interests which are reflected in his hobbies. Some of his other hobbies include cooking, working out, reading, and analyzing movies.  He is an actor and plans to use that platform to continuously portray African Americans in a positive way.

He is a motivated Panther with a mission of implementing new and innovative ways to educate the student body through his platform, “E Cubed”, which stands for: Elevate your mindset, Experience new endeavors, and Evolve mentally, physically, morally, and socially. His platform emphasizes the importance of staying involved with activities and events that are conducive to a productive lifestyle and stems from his personal experiences and dedication to beat the stigma of complacency.

Johann’s programs are dedicated to bringing awareness to multiple issues that affect the Panther community on-campus as well as in students’ respective hometowns. As someone who is in the constant pursuit of knowledge, he is receptive to ideas and programs that are conducive to the advancement of the Black community. As Mister Prairie View A&M University, Johann’s goal is to build a student body that is consciously aware of its impact on younger generations. He is excited about his tenure and hopes to be one of the more prominent figures to impact and represent the Panther Family.  After graduation, Johann plans to attend graduate school and eventually own his own business.

Little Mister 1876 2017 2018 Application

Johann Conway Jr.
Mr. Prairie View A&M University 2017– 2018

Advisor: Charles H. Lewter, IV