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Any method or device for disseminating information or promotional material on the campus. This includes the use of bulletin boards, kiosks or public areas of the University inclusive of residential facilities, academic and service buildings. Bulletin boards, kiosks, or other public areas will not be used if their use is a safety hazard.
All publicity and advertising on the campus of Prairie View A&M University must be approved for posting through the Office of Student Activities and Leadership in accordance with the set policy and guidelines.
Advertisers are:

  • Recognized campus organizations
  • University offices
  • Governmental, corporate, or educational agencies
  • Students, faculty, and staff

Advertisers are encouraged to be creative and positive in their advertising. Please print clear, legible information for maximum impact.

Personal one-of-a-kind notices will be limited to those authorized areas marked “personal notices” on bulletin boards, kiosks or other designated posting areas.
Recruitment/Career: Regarding governmental, corporate, or educational agencies, if the advertising is for job/career recruitment purposes only, it is to be cleared through the Director of Career Services, (936)261-3570.
Sponsorship: Only events sponsored by an approved body (see “Advertisers are”) may be promoted under this policy. Sponsorship shall imply participating in the organization, promotion, scheduling and production of the events by members of the sponsoring organization. Contractual services provided in relation to the event must be obtained in the name of the sponsoring organization. Copies of a written agreement pertinent to the event shall be provided to the appropriate University body on request.
Size: All advertising and publicity located on bulletin boards and kiosks must be no larger that 616 square inches (22″ X 28″). Special provisions may be made for larger size advertisements.
Handbills: before distributing, one copy of the handbill must be on file in the Office of Student Activities & Leadership. Failure to do so may forfeit privileges.
Number of flyers: one flyer /poster per event per bulletin board and no more than one per kiosk of each advertisement/publicity notice.
Publicity materials must contain the name of the responsible organization or individual and a clearly visible expiration date. Violators could lose privileges.
Special assistance: the statement “For special assistance with disabilities please call ext. 3585”, must be included at the bottom of all flyers
Removal: Advertisers are responsible for removal of the material on expiration (next class/business day following the date of the posted event). Material found in violation of posting guidelines may be removed by DSAL staff or assigned personnel.
Posting period may not normally exceed three weeks. All personal one-of-a-kind notices will be removed on the first day of each month.
Materials printed in a foreign language must have the same information presented in English, and must be removed on the first day of each month.
Any non-university cosponsors’ or private business’ name may appear only one time on a banner, poster, or flyer and cannot exceed 50% of the largest typeface used on a flyer (8 1/2 X 11) and 25% of the typeface used on other designed posting areas.
Indoors: Material must be attached to enclosed bulletin boards (National Fire Protection Association/Life Safety Code #101). They may be attached to cork board with tacks or paper staples and to kiosks with tacks or masking tape. No scotch tape may be used. “A” Frames and standing boards may be used.
Outdoors: Material must be attached to bulletin boards so as not to deface or destroy the surface. They may be attached to cork board with tacks or paper staples and to kiosks with tacks or masking tape. No scotch tape may be used.
Non Placement:
Materials may not be attached to glass surfaces, walls, doors, vending machines, trash cans, cars, trees, light posts, sidewalks, fences,  or other similarly unauthorized locations. Chalking of sidewalks, painting of trees, and trash cans is prohibited.  The use of cups on fences, or gates,  is strictly prohibited.
Materials must not overlap or conceal other advertising.
Placed materials not adhering to these or other established University guidelines and regulations will be removed and the sponsoring organization may be subject to:
– Loss of posting privileges and/or penalty or fines.
– Recommendation to the Director of Student Activities that the student organization face loss of University recognition for a specified period of time.
The document is subject to changes and revisions without notice.
Copies of these guidelines may be obtained from the Office of Student Activities and Leadership in the Memorial Student Center, suite 221. For clarification, contact us at (936)261-1340.