Cheer Squad Handbook – Policies and Procedures


The information contained in this document is to aid in the governance of the Cheer Squad. It also serves as a resource guide to all who are involved with it, especially the members, as it is the code by which the organization functions.

Table of Content:

  1. Article I – Purpose
  2. Article II – Requirements
  3. Article III Section A- Membership and Selection
  4. Article III Section B- Team Caption and Co- Captain
  5. Article IV- Selection of an Advisor
  6. Article V- Responsibilities and Duties
  7. Article VI- Conduct
  8. Article VII- Non Adherence and Dismissal
  9. Article VIII- Uniforms and Appearance
  10. Article IX- Probation
  11. Article X- Squad Members Pledge
  12. Article XI- Sponsor pledge

Art. I – Purpose

  1. To instill leadership skills, respect and sportsmanship.
  2. Promote constructive school spirit and uphold rules of good sportsmanship.
  3. Give moral support to the sport teams, spirit events, pep rallies, etc.
  4. Promote unity among the student body in related school activities

Art. II – Requirements & Eligibility

  1. Members should be mature, have ethically sound judgment, and a outgoing energetic personality.
  2. Willingness to accept criticism from fellow squad members, advisor and the student body.
  3. Full-time student and maintain a 2.50 accumulative GPA.
  4. Abide by the policies and procedures.
  5. Disclose to the advisor conditions that may interfere with performance (i.e. asthma, back/knee problems, etc.)
  6. Once a squad member is dismissed or quits, the individual is subject to a review before he or she is allowed to try out for another season. (All uniforms must be returned immediately).
  7. At the end of each season, squad member uniforms must be returned within five (5) business days or a levy of, $250.00 per uniform, will be charged (added to school fees) to the offending member.
  8. Provide a copy of a physical examination from a reputable physician stating the ability to satisfactorily  perform the responsibilities given.
  9. Must present proof of Student Accident Insurance from the TAMU System or provide personal insurance.

Art. III Sec A – Membership & Selection

  1. Squad members are selected by a panel of judges.
  2. Try-outs will occur at the end of the academic year for the next season.
  3. Squad members who are unable to perform their duties will be replaced by alternatives based on the judges try-out scores.
  4. Cheer/yell leaders must be able to perform collegiate level tumbling (i.e., standing and running backhand spring, etc)
  5. Judges decisions are final.

Art. III Sec B Team Captain & Co-Captain

  • Captain/Co – Captains are responsible for the overall teamwork and leadership.
  • Must have completed prior year as a squad member.
  • Leadership abilities, dedication, performance skills, and a good attitude are definitely assets.
  • Able to accept constructive criticism

Art. IV Selection of an Advisor

Squads must have at least one advisor in order to remain active. The advisor serves as a source of continuity, program ideas and experience, should be kept abreast of the squads activities by attending all functions and meetings.

  1. Advisor is selected by and reports to the Executive Director of Student Engagement or Designee
  2. Advisors will be selected from among the active members of the university faculty or staff.
  3. Advisors may not serve as the primary advisor for another student organization.

An organizational advisor must:

  1. Be a full-time/staff member of the University
  2. Attend ALL squad meetings, programs and practices.
  3. Sign for authorization to use university facilities
  4. Sign for authorization to sponsor activities and all financial transactions through director.
  5. Provide advisement and proper procedure to the officers and members of the squads.


Art. V Sec. A-C: Responsibilities and Duties

Section A: Squad members are required to

  1. Attend all scheduled practices.
  2. Attend all summer camp practices.
  3. Be properly dressed for practices (cheer attire only).
  4. Not wear any jewelry during practice, game or any cheerleading activity.
  5. Support all fund raising activities. Non-participation may warrant disciplinary action.
  6. Assist in preparing spirit related materials e.g. banners, posters, etc.
  7. Be responsible for equipment and uniforms in your possession.
  8. In the case of females, members must maintain proper fingernail length and secure hair so as not to complicate and/or injure other members while performing
  9. In the case of males, members must also be neatly groomed (neatly shaved and trimmed hair).
  10.  Proper hygiene practices are essential for squad members

SECTION B: Captains

Each captain is:

  1. Responsible for the squads’ performance.
  2. Responsible for conducting practice and ensuring that each knows his or her routine.
  3. Responsible for the dissemination of information among the squad e.g. practice schedules, uniforms to be worn, where to meet, routines, emergencies etc.
  4. To stimulate spirit among the other squad members and the student body.
  5. To inform advisor of decisions and or activities of the squad for approval.

SECTION C: Advisors Responsibilities

  1. Ensure adherence to the Cheerleaders/Mascot/Panther Doll Policies and Procedures and the PVAMU Student Handbook.
  2. Attend all practices, games and special events related to Cheer activities.
  3. Report directly to the Executive Director of Student Engagement or Designee.
  4. Advisor will determine whether practices, games, activities, etc. will be dismissed or canceled.
  5. Final decision making for the squad.
  6. Coordinating and overseeing the entire cheerleading program.
  7. Make reasonable allowances, in the case of inclement weather conditions.

 Art. VI – Code of Conduct

Scenarios that may prompt disciplinary action.

  1. Members improperly attired for performance or practice.
  2. Members wearing jewelry during performances and practices.
  3. Inappropriate grooming or hygiene practices.
  4. Inappropriately long fingernails, (longer than 1/4 inch).
  5. Repeated tardiness.
  6. Failure to perform duties.
  7. Un-kept uniform (not cleaned).
  8. Unexcused absences from games or practices.

Art. VII -Non Adherence & Dismissal

Non-Adherence to Policies and Procedures

  1. First warning, after a squad member has been warned once, he or she will be placed on probation for one week during which the individual must still attend practice, but will not actively participate in performances.
  2. Second warning, warrants a probationary period for a period of three weeks.
  3. After a third warning, the member will be terminated.



  1. Negative behavior while representing the squad.
  2. Disrespect for self, fellow squad members and for advisor.
  3. The use of profane or vulgar language while in uniform.
  4. Missing a performance when scheduled to perform.
  5. Missing scheduled activities during probation.
  6. More than three warnings
  7. Leaving a cheerleading event without permission from the Advisors and/or Executive Director of Student Engagement or Designee

 Art. VIII Uniforms & Appearance

Squad members

  1. Personal effects items include:
    • Camp/Practice Uniforms
    • Cheer Shoes (practice)
    • Camp/Practice Uniforms
    • Cheer Shoes (practice)
    • Socks for practice and activities
    • Uniforms must be kept in good condition.
  2. Uniforms and materials purchased by school must be returned within five (5) business days after dismissal from the squad.
  3. At the end of the season, uniforms must be professionally cleaned and turned in.
  4. Failure to maintain or return uniform may result in costs levied on squad member.

Mascot Requirements – Mascots are a symbol of school spirit, unity and pride.

Responsibilities include:

  1. Attending all practices, games, pep rallies, etc.
  2. Practicing and developing routines for performance, assisting other members during building routines, painting signs, etc.
  3. Not interrupting practice, games and routines.
  4. Knowing the sideline rules for the sport.
  5. Developing customs done at games with crowd, including jumps, tumbles, stunts and pyramids,
  6. Not distracting the crowd away from the cheer squad.
  7. Never interfering with the referees or other game officials.
  8. Keeping mascot uniforms cleaned and refreshed regularly.

Administrative Protocol

  1. Squad member
  2. Team captain
  3. Advisor
  4. Executive Director of Student Engagement or Designee
  5. Associate Vice President for Student Affairs

Squad Manager:

  1. Preferably have former cheer or doll experience.
  2. Assist the captains with cheers, chants, tumbling, building, etc.
  3. Travel with the squad and attend practices and events.
  4. Report to the advisor.
  5. Be dependable, hard working, punctual, honest, energetic and congenial.
  6. Be selected by the advisor.
  7. Are responsible for attending to the mascots needs while performing.
  8. Assist in taking care of the squads equipment, personal needs, etc. during performance.
  9. Ensure that responsibilities are not neglected.

Art. IX Probation

  1. Squad members on probation are restricted from participating in squad activities, usually due to a violation of the contractual agreement.
  2. During probation the individual must attend, but not perform.
  3. Probation periods may vary.
  4. During probation the individual will work with the manager and advisor in assisting the squad.

Art. X Squad Members Pledge

  1. To do my best at all practices and performances.
  2. To promote school spirit and sportsmanship by my words and actions.
  3. To be a positive leader and role model for my squad, school and community.
  4. To be someone others can count on to be hardworking, dependable and positive.
  5. To follow all safety guidelines and stunt progressions set up by my coach.
  6. To be the type of squad member that I would like to coach.
  7. To help others.
  8. To constantly work at improving my performance skills.
  9. To keep academics as my number one priority.

Art. XI Sponsor Pledge

  1. To treat each squad member as an individual and to bring out his/her best qualities.
  2. To help each squad member develop skills and attitudes necessary for a successful future.
  3. To be a positive role model for the squad.
  4. To be more concerned about building character and integrity in my cheer/yell leaders/mascots than in winning.
  5. To display the qualities of good sportsmanship and fair play.
  6. To provide safe practice and performance areas for the squad.
  7. To follow proper safety guidelines and stunt progressions and to communicate these concepts to the squad members in order to minimize the risk of injury.
  8. To maximize practice time by following a written, organized practice plan.
  9. To make practices fun, yet challenging.
  10. To stay current in the area of cheerleading and to continue to improve my coaching skills.