Know the Signs

Am I a victim/survivor?

 Do you feel:
That a person (former partner, acquaintance or stranger) is calling you, texting you or following you multiple times per day, week and/or month in an effort to intimidate you, harass you or cause you to feel fearful?
That a person has been posting unwanted social media messages to get your attention or to threaten you – even after being told to stop the behavior?
That an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is destroying your property or threatening to destroy your property?
Scared to go home, to class, out with friends or to the MSC because you think your stalker  will be there to intimidate you?

If you have answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you may be a victim of stalking.  If you suspect that you are or a friend is being stalked,  RSVP is here to help.  Our free services are offered to victims, friends and family and are confidential call 936-261-1468 for immediate assistance.  You are not alone in dealing with your situation.