Sexual Assault

What is Sexual Assault?

Sexual Assault (SA) is any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient of the unwanted sexual activity.
There are many forms of sexual assault including:

Acquaintance Rape

Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault

Sexual Coercion


Any unwanted fondling or touching

 If you suspect that you or a friend have been sexually assaulted, RSVP is here to help. Our free services are offered to victims, friends and family and are confidential.
Call 936-261-1468 to speak with an RSVP Staff member during normal business hours.
For immediate assistance call 4911.
For 24/7 assistance, please call the RSVP sexual assault hotline at 936.261.1462.

For non-emergency general inquiries, please email the RSVP staff at