Panther Ambassadors

The Panther Ambassador organization is a collection of 40-45 of the institution’s most ideal Prairie View men and women representatives.  The purpose of this student body is to represent, promote, and provide high quality service in various capacities to members of the university at select events and programs.
The organization is designed to involve students in specific functions which would assist with developing their planning, interpersonal, networking, time management and engagement skills with the objective of preparing them for leadership roles while serving the university. The Panther Ambassadors are supported by the Office of Student Affairs and report to the Program Coordinator for Special Programs. Areas seeking to have ambassador volunteer assistance, should contact the Program Coordinator within two weeks of their scheduled event for details.
Panther Ambassador Members will represent the university by:

  1. Serving as ushers at general assemblies and other special events & programs
  2. Hosting special visits and serving as guides to VIP crowds
  3. Hosting S.P.I.T. Knowledge guests upon their arrival to campus
  4. Participating in tours, recruitment events, new student involvement, promotions and other university visits
  5. Assisting with the following programs: Cancer Awareness Programs, Red Ribbon Week, National HBCU Week, Can YOU Run This Institution, Relay For Life, Panther Pride Camp, Black History Month, President’s Lecture Series, Constitutional Day, Alumni Initiation Pinning Ceremony, Homecoming Week, and collaborative programming and events with other university entities.

Benefits of Panther Ambassador Program volunteers:

  1. Attending conferences and workshops that would aid in their success with the program
  2. Contact with special university guests
  3. Enhancement of professionalism, planning, and leadership
  4. Official Panther Ambassador member attire provided
  5. Ability to travel with university staff in support of special functions

The process of selection involves (but is not limited to):

  • A full time undergraduate student with completion of at least 30 credit hours
  • Resume
  • Minimum GPA of 2.7 as of August 15, 2018; GPA check will be conducted by the Advisor
  • Letters of recommendation (1 faculty and 1 staff)
  • Good standing with the university
  • Interview process
  • Detailed class schedule for the Fall 2018 semester (needed by June 1, 2018)

Selected Panther Ambassadors will complete a mandatory orientation and informational sessions inclusive of overviews, university history, structure, campus layout familiarity, and protocol for special programs and events.
The members are challenged with organizing, implementing and overseeing programs to their full potential to support the goals of the office.


Panther Ambassador Application
Panther Ambassador Reference Sheet