W. Van Johnson

Reverend W. Van Johnson

W. Van JohnsonServed as the second Dean of the Chapel.  Reverend Johnson served as the dean of the chapel for 35 years. Reverend Johnson earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Livingston College in Salisbury, North Carolina.   He furthered his education by earning a Bachelor of Theology degree from Capital Seminary in Columbus, Ohio.  Reverend Johnson dream became a reality when he initiated a 1.2 million dollar building campaign for the edifice which is named in his honor.  He taught classes in the area of Sociology.  Reverend Johnson motto for living was “Live one day at a time and take one step at a time.  Do all you can in one day and live life to the fullest.”

Reverend Johnson was the second dean of the chapel. He served for 35 years, and during his term he emphasized the importance of Moral Values, Moral Character and Social Awareness. Under his leadership the dream for an edifice constructed to allow students, faculty and staff to experience worship in a sacred setting, became reality. The building was dedicated in February 1986.