Corporate Mentor Program – Formal

The program is designed to match students with mentors each semester and hopefully, the mentee/mentor relationship will last throughout the students’ college career.  Participation may be limited due to the number of mentors available in any given semester and student suitability. Students interested in participating in the program must submit an application to the office of Career Services by the 12th class day in each semester.

Students can pick up an application from the Career Services Office. Each participant will be specifically asked to identify their career goals and ideal characteristics of their mentor and we will do our best to match the mentor with the most suitable individual. The mentor may also identify the student he or she wishes to work with and must inform our office of the match.

After being admitted to the program, students complete a comprehensive form identifying their career goals and ideal characteristics of their mentor. We will review our alumni roster and contact alumni that we think would best match the student’s goals and solicit their participation in the program.

After securing their participation we forward a copy of the resume and letter of introduction. It is up to student to make the first contact and arrange a convenient meeting time. A minimum of four meetings (two each semester) must take place. Evaluations are required at the end of each meeting.

What is involved?
Participation in this program will require more time and a higher level of commitment from the student.

  • each student will be required to attend a resume writing and job search workshop
  • students are required to adhere to the program deadlines and requirements
  • after completion of the resume, revised resume and letter of introduction must be submitted
  • a minimum of three meetings must take place and evaluations and assignments submitted

Why Participate?
This formalized integrated program allows you to participate in a series of structured, self assessment, resume writing and interview skills exercises to facilitate your job search and career planning activities. You will work closely with the staff of Career Services to ensure that you are able to make a more informed career decision. We will personally match you with an alumnus or persons from the corporate world that we feel will best be able to address your career goals and concerns.

For further information, please contact:

Career and Outreach Services
Evans Hall, Room 217
Prairie View A&M University
Prairie View, TX 77446
Phone: (936)261‑3570
Fax: (936)261‑3580