No Show and Late Cancellation Policy

All interviews are scheduled appointments. If a student can not keep the interview due to unforeseeable circumstances, he or she should notify Career Services at the earliest possible moment. A student is required to notify the Career Center within 24 hours when canceling an interview. Failure to give 24 hour notice of cancellation may forfeit a student’s interviewing privileges. Students are strongly encouraged to keep all scheduled appointments. No Shows and late cancellations are prohibited!!

What happens when a no-show or late cancellation occurs?

  • When a recruiter indicates “no show” behind a student’s name, the student is immediately notified. If notification is unsuccessful, the student is blocked from all remaining scheduled interviews.
  • If a student calls after 4:30 p.m. the day before or on the day of the scheduled interview, the student will be considered a no show. The student then must follow the no show and late cancellation procedure.

No Show and Late Cancellation Procedure:

After the first no show or late cancellation, a student is required to write a letter of apology to the interviewer. The original letter and a stamped, addressed envelope must be hand-delivered to Career Services for approval by the Placement Coordinator or another professional staff member. This action must take place within two (2) business days. Upon approval, the student may keep all remaining scheduled appointments.

Students are only allowed two (2) no shows or late cancellations. If a second offense occurs, the student is blocked from all interviews during the semester. Students will be sent a notice of the block by the Placement Coordinator or Assistant Director. After the second offense, students are blocked from all remaining interviews and are required to make an appointment with the Placement Coordinator or Assistant Director.

If the student is not satisfied with the decision of the Placement Coordinator or the Assistant Director, the student may make an appointment for an appeal with the Director. The Director’s decision will be final. A copy of the decision will be placed in the student’s file.