Cooperative Education (Co-op)

What Is Cooperative Education (Co-op)?

According to the National Commission for Cooperative Education, Co-op is an academic strategy that integrates classroom studies with a series of paid, productive work experiences in a field related to a student’s career or education goals.

The idea underlying “co-op” is that the student is exposed to both campus studies and the world of real affairs during the years of formal education.  The student will emerge a better educated individual with a better theory and work application.

Co-op at Prairie View A&M University is a voluntary program which consists of alternating periods of study and work which is based on the university’s calendar of Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.


The Student

  • Broaden your career horizons
  • Work for fortune 500 companies
  • Competitive salary, paid vacation, paid travel costs to and from college.
  • Get first hand knowledge of what is expected in the business environment, easing the transition from college to work.
  • Get academic credit.
  • Strengthen your resume.
  • Network with other students, managers and Vice Presidents
  • Travel to places and explore the world.

The University

  • Gain hands-on experience or practical training that can be brought back to the classroom.
  • Share with instructors new technology that may not be seen in the classroom for years to come.

Your Peers

  • Share with peers and classmates all the challenging experience gained, travel and networking possibilities.


  • Earning while learning helps reduce the financial burden imposed upon the family.

Benefits to Employers

  • Get trained and experienced students for full-time employment
  • Observe a student’s performance before making long range commitments
  • Eliminate cost and time for training
  • Get involved in academic programs of future employees
  • Better relationship with Prairie View A&M University


  • Any student enrolled at Prairie View A&M University, registered with the Co-op & Intern Office, completes a semester, and earn a 2.5 grade point average may apply for co-op and intern.
  • After completion of 30 semester credit hours, a student may qualify and possibly be placed on a co-op or intern assignment.
  • Student must be willing to complete a minimum of two or three work terms.


Co-op and Intern students may earn salaried amounts based on their classification and experiences.


A typical Co-op student will have the following options.  If a student is a sophomore that student may start the Co-op process following the options listed below.   The minimum required assignments for a co-op student is three.  Some students take advantage of applying for classes at a local university.

Co-op Work Schedule





OPTION 1 School Work Work
OPTION 2 School Work School
OPTION 3 Work School Work