Limited Submission Procedure

Procedure for Limited Submission Category Proposals to Federal Funding Agencies

Many federal funding agencies, such as NSF, DoD, and USDA, have programs that accept only a limited number of proposals per institution.  The Office of Research, Innovation, and Sponsored Programs (ORISP) at Prairie View A&M University has instituted the following protocol for submitting the permitted number of grant proposals to the limited submission category of solicitations:

1. Program Announcement:
The ORISP will:
a) announce limited submission opportunities, including sponsors’ official due dates, on the
ORISP website and/or through email to faculty and staff on the campus;
b) highlight the requirements for each program; and
c) provide the ORISP internal due date for submission.

2. Online Procedure for Limited Submission:
a) Complete “Intent to Submit” form online.
b) Select “Yes” for Limited Submission.
c) Complete all required fields of the Online Intent to Submit form.
d) Submit the form online a minimum of six weeks before the official due date.
e) Pre-Proposal documentation must be uploaded with the online application in addition to the Intent to Submit information. Pre-Proposal documentation must include the following:

i. Two-Page Project Description that includes the following subtitles:
*Proposed Work/Research Plan
*Outcomes/Impact (If a NSF proposal is sought, applicants must include both Intellectual Merit and
Broader Impact subsections)
*References (These are exempt from the two-page limit)

       ii. Biosketch (two-page limit) must be provided for each PI/Co-PI/Senior Personnel listed

               iii. If Cost Sharing or matching funds are required/requested, a letter of support from the appropriate university official will be needed to document the source of the funds that will be used.

Internal Due dates will be posted on the ORISP website. The six-week due date is subject to change if there are fewer than six weeks between the sponsors’ funding announcements and their due dates.

3. Internal Review:  The ORISP will organize the review of submissions by appropriate faculty members that are recommended by the competing departments’ chairs. For example, if there is a submission from a member of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the pre-proposal will be reviewed by three independent faculty reviewers from the same department. Request for reviewers will be sent to all involved department heads, and the corresponding dean will be copied on the email request. Reviewers will evaluate each pre-proposal on the basis of the projects’ suitability to the program announcement and the credentials of the Principal Investigator (PI) and Co-Principal Investigators (Co-PIs).  Please note that each review process will be tailored to the individual solicitation. The most competitive proposed project(s) will be chosen and the PIs will be notified as soon as possible. Selected PIs will be advised to contact the Proposal Administrators to develop and submit their full proposal(s).

4. Final Submission:  The full proposal(s) will be submitted to the sponsors after obtaining PVAMU’s regular internal routing approvals.

Note: Every effort is made to identify and post all limited submission solicitations; however, if a researcher finds an opportunity that is not listed, it is imperative to notify ORISP as soon as possible.  To notify ORISP of a Limited Submission opportunity, please contact Olusola Ewulo at