How to Submit an IRB Protocol

To submit an IRB Protocol, download the IRB Protocol Form from the Forms tab on the IRB Website.

The IRB Protocol Form is a fillable pdf form that can be used with most versions of Adobe Reader and all versions of Adobe Pro software.  If you are unable to download the form, contact the Office of Research Compliance at 936-261-1553 or for assistance.

Helpful Tips when filling out the IRB Protocol Form:

* On page 2, provide contact information for each person working on the protocol. In the event of an emergency or unanticipated event, the IRB may need to contact all staff working on the protocol quickly.

* If you have more text that can be typed into the fillable box on the form, simply fill out a separate form and label it as “Attachment 1.” Be sure to note in the box on the form that the information requested can be found in Attachment 1.

* On page 6, if you need help determining whether or not your research needs a waiver of documentation of informed consent or a waiver of consent (for deception studies only), please contact the Office of Research Compliance for assistance.

* On page 8, when describing your procedures, please be very detailed!  What may seem obvious to you; may not be obvious to the IRB reviewers reading your protocol.

* Please note that protocol data must be kept for three years after the study is completed.

* On page 11, please initial each line and sign the protocol. Please have your faculty mentor do the same (if applicable).

* On page 12, please have all individuals working on the protocol initial each line and sign the protocol. This page can be copied for multiple individuals.

* Read the IRB Protocol Review Process webpage to understand how the IRB will review your protocol.

Additional documentation should be included with your IRB Protocol Form submission:

* Please have all those listed on the protocol complete the Social and Behavioral Researchers online training and provide certificates documenting the training.

* If the protocol is grant funded, please provide a copy of the grant submission.

* If the protocol is for a thesis or dissertation project, please provide a copy of the graduate students’ thesis or dissertation proposal.

* Provide the consent form for human subjects (if applicable).

* Instruments such as surveys or a list of interview questions (if applicable) must be included.

* Letters requesting permission to conduct research in a school district should be attached (if applicable). Permission should be requested from both the Superintendent of the school district and the Principal of the school.

* Provide written permission to use instruments that did not originate from the Principal Investigator or exist in the public domain for public use (if applicable).

Any data use agreements (if applicable). Please scan and send these documents to the Office of Research Compliance at . If you have any questions, please call the Office of Research Compliance at 936-261-1553.

Office of Research Compliance
Wilhelmina Delco Building, Room 120
Contact Telephone Numbers: (936) 261-1553
(936) 261-1588

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