Agriculture & Human Sciences

The Cooperative Agricultural Research Center

The Cooperative Agricultural Research Center, a federally supported facility, coordinates research activities in three major areas: Animal Systems, Food Systems and Plant and Environmental Systems.

Home to 24 agricultural research scientists, specialists and technicians, these professionals conduct basic and applied research to advance technological developments that improve socio-economic conditions of clientele locally, nationally and internationally, with emphasis on the historically under-served.

Agricultural research scientists are making major strides in caprine research, the emerging technology of synthetic biology and research techniques to combat obesity. A research scientist in the CARC received Prairie View A&M University’s first patent. To date, CARC has eight patents, including those in the areas of controlling bacteria in mold and controlling toxic chemicals in the environment.

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The International Goat Research Center

The International Goat Research Center was built in 1981 and currently home to over 1,000 dairy and meat goats. The Center is one of the largest and longest established goat research programs in the country. The Goat Research Center specializes in research in the areas of genetics, reproductive physiology, nutrition and veterinary health. Research projects currently ongoing at the Center address value-added products from goat milk to goat meat.

In addition to supporting the research and academic programs at Prairie View A&M University, the International Goat Research Center is very active in the Cooperative Extension Program’s public outreach programs, hosting open houses, field days and 4-H events throughout the year.

For the past 25 years, the Cooperative Agricultural Research Center has hosted the Goat Field Day, an event that addresses relevant goat industry information and needs of goat producers ranging from basic management techniques to marketing various products.

Throughout 2008, the International Goat Research Center and the CAHS ’ Institute for International Agribusiness Studies have been involved in a project funded by the United States Agency for International Development to improve animal health, farm management and marketing of sheep and goats in Ethiopia.