In collaboration with the graduate and undergraduate programs in the School of Architecture, the Community for Urban and Rural Enhancement Services (CURES) and the Texas Institute for the Preservation of History and Culture (TIPHC) provide graduate and undergraduate students with research opportunities to enhance
their learning experiences. Both centers serve as a service-learning forum for graduate students enrolled in the Architecture and Community Development programs (internship, studio and practicum classes).

The mission of the Texas Institute for the Preservation of History and Culture is to collect, preserve, study and make available for research, records, documents, artifacts and other items relating to the history and culture of Texas with emphasis on the contributions of African Americans throughout the state. The Institute also encourages the collection and preservation of disappearing materials such as historic buildings, written documents, vernacular architecture, burial sites and oral histories.

The mission of the CURES center is to serve as an agent for positive enhancement of communities with concentration on pursuing sustainable solutions for the built environment. CURES is designed to meet the needs of individuals, organizations and units of government involved with resolving community issues with an emphasis on the built environment. Faculty and students help develop vision and plans to solve these community issues.