Office of the Vice President

Ali Fares

Ali Fares, Ph.D.

Interim Vice President for Research, Innovation and Sponsored Programs

Jacqueline Muckleroy

Jacqueline R. Muckleroy, B.B.A.

Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Research, Innovation and Sponsored Programs

Research Administration 

Awadh Binzahim

Awadh Binhazim, D.V.M, M.S., Ph.D.

Associate Vice-President for Research, Innovation and Sponsored Programs

Krishnamoorthi R

Ramaswamy Krishnamoorthi, Ph.D.

Curriculum Vitae

Director of Research Services & Center Initiatives

Karen B. Cotton, M.A., M. S.

Manager for Research Marketing and Communications

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Senior Proposal Administrator II


Grace Abolaji, Ph.D

Program Manager for Undergraduate Research

Office of Sponsored Programs

Olusola Ewulo

Olusola Ewulo, M.S.

Director of Research and Sponsored Programs

Edlyn-Kay Walsh

Edlyn-Kay Walsh, M.A., M.S.

Associate Director Of Research and Sponsored Programs

Roslyn Holloway

Roslyn Holloway, M.A.i

Administrative Associate II

Donna Elmore-Cole

Donna Elmore-Cole, B.S.

Senior Contract Negotiator I

Lois Burg

Lois W. Burg

Program Specialist III

Millissa Hain

Millissa Hain

Project Administrator II

Kathy Richardson

Kathy Richardson

Financial Accountant II

Research Compliance

Donna Pulkrabek

Donna Pulkrabek, M.B.A., RLATg, CPIA

Director of Research Compliance

Crysta Mendes

Crysta Mendes, M.A.

Associate Director of Research Compliance, Export Controls Officer

Indrika Ranaweera

Indrika Ranaweera, M.S.

Research Compliance Specialist

Title III

Lora Williams

Lora Williams

Title III Director

Carl Taylor

Carl A. Taylor

Manager of Telecommunications, Title III Program

Yadira Perez

Yadira Perez

Budget Specialist II, Title III Program

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