• Blacks constitute 89% of the undergraduate enrollment but only 86% of the Masters level enrollment (p. 3 and 5). Females make up 61% of the total enrollment (p. 2).
  • Enrollment has slowly been increasing, after a modest decline in fall 2005. Of the 8006 students in fall 2006, 93% are classified as in–state students.
  • Females constitute 63% of undergraduate degrees awarded and 71% of graduate degrees awarded. Females received 69% of all degrees awarded (p. 29).

Semester Credit Hours

  • The ratio of undergraduate semester credit hours to graduate semester credit hours (9:1) have been steadily narrowing over the past five fall semesters (p. 17).
  • Courses taught at the Prairie View A&M Nursing Center, University Center, and Dallas sites have caused a steady increase in the institution’s off-campus semester credit hours for the past five years (p. 18).


  • Total faculty headcount has increased from 410 (2002) to 484 (2006) (p. 37).
  • Blacks constitute 60% of the Prairie View faculty followed by whites at 22% and Asians/Pacific Islanders at 13%. The number of black faculty began increasing in fall 2004 (p. 37).
  • 79% of the tenured faculty members are male and 21% are female (p. 39).


  • Professional non-faculty employees account for 46% of all non-faculty positions and secretarial/clerical employees make up 17% of the total (p. 43).
  • 43% of all non-faculty employees are male and 57% are female (p. 44).
  • 81% of all non-faculty employees are black, 9% are white, and 5% are Hispanic (p. 45).

Fiscal Data

  • The University’s FY2006 revenues and transfers reached $161,764,628, with more than one–third ($74,622,169) coming from state appropriations (p. 40).
  • Total Funded Research Expenditures have increased to $12,351,734 (FY2006) (p. 42).


  • Total Library holdings of all types reached 1,143,080 in 2005-2006 (p. 46).
  • The gate count in 2005-2006 was 370,748 (duplicative), over double the 2001-2002 total. Library hours increased 15.7% over the same period (p.47).

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