Grade Posting Schedule

Spring 2018

Grading Periods Begins Ends
Mid-Term Grades for Full 16 Week Sessions  Tuesday  March 20  Tuesday
March 20
Final Grades
For First 8 Week Sessions
March 9
 Tuesday  March 20
Final Grades
For Second 8 Week Sessions
May 7
May 14
Final Grades for Graduation Candidates Wednesday
May 2
May 10 by Noon
Final Grades for All Other Students Wednesday
May 2
May 14

Instructions for All Grading Periods and Attendance Posting (if not already reported):

  • Leave the Last Attend Date field blank when reporting grade of:
    • F (if student never attended your course)
  • Report the Last Attend Date for the following earned grades:
    • A
    • B
    • C
    • D
    • F (Student has attended but failed the course)