Unallowable Purchases

5640 & 5641 Advertisements Alcohol 6341
4014 Ammunition Animals 5767
    Cash advances or cash equivalent  
6338 Catering Services Cellular Phones  
  Cellular Phone related charges Cellular phone service 5630
4040 Chemicals (precursor per EHS list) Clothing for resale 6901
  Clothing imprinted with university trademark/logos Communication devices (incl. pagers, cell phones, Blackberries, PDA; excluding fax machines)  
5630 Communication Services (incl. services for Internet, pagers, cell phones, etc.) Computer equipment  
  Construction or renovations Consulting or related services 5625 & 5626
  Contract agreements or agreements of any type that require a signature Controlled prescription drugs  
4040 Cylinder Gases Donations  
  Employee travel of any type (incl. rental cars, gas, airfare, hotel, parking, etc.) Employment Advertisements 5640 & 5641
  Entertainment Services Firearms of any type 5775
  Fireworks Gasoline, Automotive (for non-state vehicles only) 4036-4038
  Genetic materials Gift certificates or gift cards  
  Gifts to employees Hazardous chemicals or materials 5610
4045 Hypodermic Syringes Insurance 5220 & 6225
Leases or rentals and lease-purchases Legal Services 5310-5320
  Maintenance Agreements    
  Network firewalls Network Hubs, switches and routers  
  On-line payment services, such as Pay Pal Personal purchase of any type  
5655 Postage stamps (main campus only) Prepaid phone cards  
  Development Fee Development Fee Return  
5771 Infrastructure Support Arbitrage 6360
6361 Dormitory Charges for Students Food Services for Classes  
  Housing for Guest Instructors Participant Cost-Conference & Short Crs  
6410 Use Fee foe Equip Repair Administrative Allowance  
6449 Sub awards- 1st $25,000 & Collecting Sub awards- after 1st $25,000 6450
  Capital Outlay Pool $100,000> Lease Purchase $100,000> 8310-8371
    Construction 8710-8732