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CrumbleyDr. Larry Crumbley, CPA, CFF, CRFAC, MAFF, FCPA, RFI

Visiting Professor
Department of Accounting, Finance and MIS
Prairie View A&M University

Emeritus Professor
Department of Accounting
Louisiana State University

 Dr. Crumbley is the:

  • Editor, Journal of Forensic & Investigative Accounting,
  • Former editor of the Journal of Forensic Accounting: Auditing, Fraud, and Risk,
  • Member of Board of the American Board of Forensic Accountants,
  • Former member of the NACVA’s Fraud Deterrence Board, and
  • On the AICPA’s Fraud Task Force (2003-2004).

Creator and the first President of the AAA Forensic Accounting section, Professor Crumbley is the author of more than 65 books and 370 articles. His latest book entitled Forensic and Investigative Accounting, 8th edition, is published by Commerce Clearing House. In 2016, Dr. Crumbley was named by the National Association of CVAs as one of only 24 Pioneers of the Profession in their Industry Titans-The Financial Consulting Profession’s Most Influential. Some of his 13 educational novels (e.g., Trap Doors and Trojan Horses and The Big R: A Forensic Accounting Action Adventure) have as the main character a forensic accountant. His goal is to create a television series based upon the exciting life of a forensic accountant and litigation consultant.

Why Attend the Workshop: This workshop will provide a comprehensive coverage of forensic accounting — a growing area of practice in which the knowledge, skills and abilities of advanced accounting are combined with investigative expertise and applied to legal problems. The workshop has been updated with new fraud schemes, numerous examples and stories, and many forensic techniques and tools. The workshop provides clear, step-by-step guidance on how to investigate and interview, detect and prevent various types of fraud, work with attorneys, and perform as an expert witness.  Dr. Crumbley will spend some time on the December 28, 2017 important FDIC v. PwC decision that may force accountants to spend more time preventing and detecting fraud.

Who Should Attend:  Certified public accountants, certified internal auditors, certified fraud examiners, forensic accountants, governmental accountants, attorneys, other accounting/auditing professionals and educators.

NASBA Field of Study: Accounting – Forensic Accounting

General Description: The participant will acquire additional skills in forensic accounting and fraud detection including types of misappropriation, forensic tools, indirect methods, contract and procurement fraud, developing fraud interviewing skills, prosecuting fraud, and testifying in the courtroom. Case studies and in-class quizzes will be used to encourage participation and illustrate concepts. After completing this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Illustrate how indirect methods may be used to calculate income of fraudsters.
  • Identify, help detect, and prevent a number of fraud schemes (e.g., cash and check schemes).
  • Compare the pros and cons of certain forensic accounting tools.
  • Detect and prevent bribes, kickbacks, and bid rigging schemes.
  • Recognize the importance of body language in interviewing.
  • Apply the seven magic questions in an interview situation.
  • Explain important Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Federal Rules of Evidence.
  • Summarize the various privilege exceptions for testimony in the courtroom.
  • Discuss testimony and consulting best practices.

Prior Knowledge Required: Basic Forensic Accounting

Instructional Method/Level: Group-Live; Intermediate

Recommended CPE Hours: 8

Registration Fee: $210 for both sessions; $130 for a single session

Registration Deadline: September 10, 2018 or until the maximum seating capacity is reached

Register Here: https://secure.touchnet.com/C20166_ustores/web/classic/product_detail.jsp?PRODUCTID=509