Bachelor of Arts – Communication

General Description

The Baccalaureate Degree in Communication requires a total of one hundred and twenty (120) semester credit hours of undergraduate course work. For students who transfer into the Communication program with sixty (60) semester credit hours of undergraduate course work we are offering a 2+2 program. The remaining sixty (60) semester credit hours are designated to the upper division major requirements, major concentration, minor and electives. The strength of the program lies in the foundational knowledge in communication which requires students to take upper division courses in theory, method and praxis
(twelve semester credit hours). The diversity of the program is seen through the major concentration (eighteen semester credit hours). Students choose from a diverse selection of course offerings that rotate every semester. The degree is designed to cultivate understanding in areas of theory, method, research and applied communication ideal for individuals seeking positions in media, government, health education, hi-tech fields and oil and gas industries. The program seeks to increase the critical, cultural, technological and organizational sophistication of our graduates. By promoting critical writing, thinking and speaking, this program is bold, innovative and effective. We foster a diverse, challenging, supportive and groundbreaking environment where student intellectual growth is paramount.

Admission Requirements

Students seeking admission into the Bachelor’s Degree in Communication are required to submit an application for admission to ApplyTexas. The student must:

  • have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 on a 4.0 system
  • submit official transcript(s) from all institutions attended

(Students must have a minimum of 56 transfer credits to be eligible for the 2+2 program)

Mode of Delivery

The primary methodology used to deliver instruction in the Communication program will be a combination of face-to-face courses and Hybrid Course delivery. Students receive instruction from regular full time Ph.D.-holding nationally and internationally recognized tenure and tenure track faculty, which insures that students receive a well rounded educational experience.

Program Design

The most distinctive feature of the program is its emphasis on a prescribed set of core communication courses for all students. This required core is essential to understanding the theory, method and praxis essential to Communication as a discipline. The course rotation is designed with the success of students in mind. Courses are scheduled on week nights.

Degree Plan

What Can I do With a Communication Degree?

Department Contact

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Languages and Communications
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