Anderson Inspires at General Assembly

January 28, 2014
General Assembly mug

The spring 2014 General Assembly provided a motivational start to the semester thanks to Rev. Terry K. Anderson of Lilly Grove Baptist Church in Houston.

Anderson captivated the audience with his powerful and inspiring words on “Embracing your Individuality.” The crowd listened intently and cheered as he explained the tools and mindset necessary to accomplish your academic goals.

“If you think education is expensive, try being ignorant,” Anderson said, as he urged students to learn all that they can inside and outside of the classroom. “Live a life that is unexamined. If you don’t stand for something you fall for anything.”

The general assembly is held to start out each semester with an encouraging message for students, faculty and staff. A guest speaker is invited to address the University and impart special words of wisdom and motivation.

Rev. Terry K. Anderson

Rev. Terry K. Anderson of Lilly Grove Baptist Church urged students to learn all they can and stand for their principles. Photo: James Salone, student