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The Charles Gilpin Players (CGP or “Gilpins”) are the performance organization of the Theatre Department. Founded in 1929, CGP has a unique legacy as the oldest, consistently-performing theatre company in Texas to feature African American artists and has been producing plays annually since 1930. Since inception, the Gilpins have provided the Prairie View A&M campus and surrounding communities with vibrant arts and cultural programming previously non-existent in the area.

With the Theatre Department, CGP produces 2 main stage productions during the school year and several smaller productions including PVAMU’s popular Student Orientation show and numerous requested performances on-campus and in the community at large for awareness (i.e. drug and alcohol) and culturally-themed months (Black History, Women’s History, etc). In addition to numerous on-campus performances, “CGP Troupes” travel throughout the state, at the request of schools, religious centers and other organizations providing original theatre works, often, in communities where there is none. Audiences across the country have enjoyed the dynamic, cross-cultural experience of CGP performances for over 80 years. For more about the history of CGP and the Theatre Program, see the Theatre Student Handbook.


Student Membership

Theatre Minors are inducted into the Charles Gilpin Players within their first year of dedicated service to the organization, upon successful completion of the New Faces performance showcase, participation in one troupe and one group, and payment of Organizational Dues in commitment to and in support of CGP. All PVAMU students are welcome to work with the Gilpins and become formal members after a provisional period of satisfactory service and activity in some capacity towards a minimum of 3 Gilpin productions during the year.

CGP has a Board of student officers, from president to chaplain, who are selected by students and must remain active and in good standing with the Theatre Program to continue to hold their position.

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Troupes and Groups

CGP Troupes

CGP Groups

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Performance Requests

To inquire about bringing a CGP performance to your community or event, email

Gilpin Alumni

Once a Gilpin, always a Gilpin! If you or someone you know is a former PVAMU Gilpin Player, we’d love to have your support in carrying forward the legacy of CGP. Please email us at to update your contact information and find out how to become involved. Also, visit our Alumni Page and join CGP on Facebook!