Advisement – Current & New Theatre Students


All Theatre Minors meet with the Department faculty for advisement at least once per semester to monitor and discuss student academic progress, artistic growth and minor plan completion. Advisement is necessary for students to receive their alternate pin and approval to register for Theatre classes in the following semester.

Theatre Minors are expected to be familiar with and understand their Minor Plan, the required theatre courses and the order in which those courses are taken. Information is shared during the Wednesday Department meetings at the beginning of Fall semester and available to students in the Requirements and Regulations for Academic Progress and the Theatre Student Handbook . Students are expected to take initiative for their academic progress.

Sign-up for Advisement

  • Advisement appointments are available each semester.

Cancel/Reschedule Advisement Appointments

  • Cancellations should be emailed to the Program Faculty in addition to removing your name from the sign-up sheet.
  • Cancelled or missed appointments are rescheduled according to the availability of the Faculty and may delay the students eligibility to register for courses when University Registration opens for the next semester.

Prepare for Advisement

  • Complete the Theatre Minor Plan Checklist and bring it to your appointment. Fill in the Mid-Term and Final grades for all of the classes you have take so far (in pencil).   The classes that are left blank are the ones you need to take in order to complete your minor.  Use this form to help you decide which classes you will take in the next semester.  For many Theatre classes there are pre-requisite courses that must be taken first. Pay attention to pre-requisites to know which Theatre classes you are eligible to take and which have to be taken in a certain order (i.e. Intro to Acting, Intermediate Acting, Advanced Acting, etc).  Students must update this form every semester to track their own progress and  bring the form to every advisement.
  • Bring a print-out of your Mid-Term grades in each minor class for the current semester.
  • Complete the Registration and Special Approval Form with the classes that you anticipate taking in the next semester. (Minors need only list the Theatre classes you are planning to take in the next semester.  Fill out the form in pencil in case changes need to be made during your advisement. Consult the Theatre Minor Plan Checklist, Theatre Course Offerings by Semester, Course Descriptions (which also lists pre-requisites) for which theatre classes that you are eligible to take and need to take toward your minor completion.
  • Freshmen/Transfer students should meet with their CGPals for guidance on how to complete the forms, when preparing for their first advisement appointment.