Sophomore Mid-Level Proficiency Exam in Performance

Mid-Level Proficiency in Performance .pdf

  1. All music majors must take the Mid-Level Proficiency Exam in Performance at the end of the sophomore year, or upon completion of the 2000 level applied music courses. Transfer students entering at the junior level who are deemed unready for 3000 level applied music courses must repeat the sophomore level applied music courses and then take the Mid-Level Proficiency Exam.
  2. This exam is a longer, more extensive jury exam to be held at the end of the semester during finals week. Students must pass the exam to the satisfaction of the jury panel and the applied lesson instructor.
  3. Instructors must apprise all entering freshmen and transfer students of the exam requirements, standards, and the consequences for those who are not prepared. If this meeting does not take place within the first month of the student’s first semester, students should inform the department head.
  4. Instructors are required to prepare students for the Proficiency exam, to explain the technical requirements, including scales and etudes, and to assign the appropriate literature that must be performed.
  5. The jury exam period will be 20 – 30 minutes depending on the applied area. Some exams consist of two parts requiring a second day to complete.
  6. Students who have not passed the THEA may still take the Mid-Level Proficiency Exam in Performance. However, they must still fulfill THEA requirements before enrolling in 3000-level applied music courses.
  7. The exam is Pass or Fail.
    1. Students who pass the exam will be given the appropriate grade for the semester, and they will be allowed to advance to junior-level applied music courses in the fall.
    2. Students who fail the exam will be given the grade of D for the spring semester. They will not be allowed to advance to junior-level courses. Beginning the following fall, they must retake the entire sequence of sophomore-level applied music courses.  Then they must retake the Mid-Level Proficiency Performance Exam.
    3. Note: It is strongly suggested that those students who do not meet the specified standard have an alternate career plan.
  8. Following the examination, the applied teacher will discuss the jury and inform the student of the committee’s recommendations. The Department of Music and Drama will issue letters confirming the jury panel’s decision.
  9. All examinations are closed and no other parties aside from the student and the jury panel will be allowed in the examination room.