Music Seminar Policy

Seminar Policy .pdf

As both the listening and performing experience are integral to the development of young musicians, the Department of Music & Drama requires that all music majors attend first and foremost the weekly Seminar, as well as many of the live concerts given during the school year by students, faculty, ensembles, and guest artists and groups. Attendance at the weekly Seminar gives students the opportunity to hear a wide selection of repertoire, both vocal and instrumental, outside their individual spheres. In observing their peers, students gain insight into the aesthetic and technical aspects of performing.  They learn about the importance and consequences of careful, intense preparation, and they develop audience etiquette.

Upon completion of the four-year degree plan, and by the time of the Senior Recital, music majors must have attendance credits for (a total of) 120 performances, which can include Seminars, recitals, or concerts, in order to 1) be permitted to perform the Senior Recital, or 2) graduate.  Mr. Leon Turner will track the attendance.

To fulfill this requirement, it is recommended that Music Majors attend 15 performances per semester, for eight semesters. However, what matters is that the total number of concerts attended meets the Seminar Attendance Policy requirements by the time of the Senior Recital.

This policy will apply to incoming Freshman, Fall 2007, and all entering Freshman thereafter, as follows:

Freshmen 8 semesters = 120 credits

This policy will apply to all current upperclassmen, beginning Fall 20017, as follows:

Sophomore 6 semesters = 90 credits
 Juniors 4 semesters = 60 credits
 Seniors 2 semesters = 3- credits
Transfer Students 15 credits per semester at PVAMU

Current (2007-08) certification students are exempt.

Students performing the Senior Recital during Fall 2007 are also exempt.

If the student, nearing the Senior Recital, is in arrears, and there are not enough concerts taking place on campus, that student may make up the difference by attending concerts outside of campus, in Houston, Austin, or elsewhere.  The student would then bring programs to Mr. Turner as proof of attendance.