Innovative Manufacturing Lab

Dr. Dongdong Zhang
Tel: (936) 261-9952

Research Interest:
CAD/CAM/CAE, Point-Based Design and Manufacturing, 3D Printing, Composite Materials Processing

Research Activities:
1. Fiber-Reinforced Composite Materials Processing
The research goal is to understand concentrated fiber suspensions and deformation of flexible fibers in fiber reinforced composite materials processing and advance the design and manufacture of composite materials. The main objectives are to 1) develop a new finite element based model in understanding concentrated fiber suspensions and fiber deformation in a viscous fluid, 2) design a novel constitutive equation governing fiber interaction and deformation, and 3) provide the experimental validation of the proposed model.


Fig.1 Two Fiber Motion with Hydrodynamic Interaction

2. Point Cloud Based Design and Manufacturing
The purpose of this research work is to present a novel 3D printing process directly from the point cloud without the CAD model reconstruction and STL file generation. This is achieved by slicing point cloud directly with the cutting plane and converting the location of cutting points into G codes, which are used for the contour generation layer by layer. The time efficiency and accuracy are compared between the proposed methodology and the traditional surface construction method. In the traditional method, the surface will be constructed from s point cloud using NX. In the proposed methodology, the algorithm will be achieved using MathWorks Matlab and the G codes will be coded using the software named Slic3r.

3D Printing

Fig.2 3D Printing from Point Cloud

Selected Publications:
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