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The Department of Mathematics trains competent prospective mathematicians, engineers, scientists, mathematics teachers, and other mathematics based and/or related professionals with the knowledge-base necessary to perform successfully in graduate and professional schools as well as the workforce.  The Undergraduate  program promotes students use of innovation and entrepreneurship in their research endeavors. Listed below are several links which may be beneficial to you as you plan your course of study:

University Undergraduate Catalog 

University Undergraduate Catalog – Mathematics Department Information
University Undergraduate Catalog – Mathematics Course Description

Link to Syllabi

A Brief Video of the History of PVAMU.

Student Forms :

University Class Attendance Policy:  Specific information regarding class attendance, excused absences and unexcused absences.  This site also list the required documents needed for an excused absence.

Diagnostic Testing and Disability Services:  This is information regarding special assistance or accommodations needed in order for a student to be successful in the course.

Grade Replacement Petition Request Form: This form is used when a particular course is taken for a second time and the student is requesting that the original grade be replaced with the updated grade.

Student Complaint Form Grade appeal/complaint form:  This form should be accompanied with all supporting documents.

Course Syllabus Look-up:  Course Syllabi are uploaded every semester to this  PVAMU House Bill 2504 Site.

 Course Registration Form:   This form is used by all departments in order to plan a student’s schedule.

Add/Drop Form:  The form is used by all department in order to change and modify the student’s schedule.

Change of Major Form:  If a student chooses to change their course of study during their time here at PVAMU.  A Change of Major Form must be completed by the student and new department and submitted to the registrar.